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Providing clients with superior expertise in the realm of traffic collision investigation & reconstruction services in the industry since 1985!
George Ripsom & Associates offers a plethora of services that is expanding all the time. In addition to traffic collision investigation and reconstruction, the area of non-collision related traffic incident investigation is flourishing, to include decoding of police investigative reports. The determination of severity of likely injury determined from damage is always of interest. So called "black box" downloading and decoding is currently of interest. Tire forensics and lamp analysis are specialities of George Ripsom & Associates. Two dimensional and three dimensional animations or simulations are prepared for nearly every incident investigated. The use of surveying equipment is utilized to create the most accurate scene recreations possible. The advantage to having been in the business for 40 years is the ability to have the most, best, and latest equipment available to perform the task at hand.

With the associates related to George Ripsom & Associates, the abilities are virtually unlimited. In addition to the actual investigations, courtroom testimony and attorney preparation are both major areas of speciality. Lecturing and class instruction are also favorite enterprises at George Ripsom & Associates.
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