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Providing clients with superior expertise in the realm of traffic collision investigation & reconstruction services in the industry since 1985!
The owner and president of George Ripsom & Associates, Dr. George F. Ripsom, DABFE, has been investigating and reconstructing traffic related incidents since 1976. In his nearly 40 years of experience, he has been retained by the United States Army M.P. Corps; the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, the California Department of Insurance, the 7th and 9th Circuit Courts of Appeal, and countless others to assist with collision related incidents. Dr. Ripsom works for both the prosecution and the defense side of the Bar providing a unique ability to view each incident from both sides and more effectively aide the client.
In the civil arena, Dr. Ripsom has been retained by virtually every insurance company in the United States and numerous plaintiff attorneys as well. This well-rounded background aided Dr. Ripsom when he created the first program where practicing experts went "in-house" to teach insurance professionals how to perform their jobs properly, fairly and effectively.
Possessing specialized training in seatbelt analysis, tire forensics, low-speed impacts, high-speed and fatal impacts, train collisions, airbag deployment events, multi-vehicle impacts, occupant kinematics and others, Dr. Ripsom is able to assist with any traffic related event. Dr. Ripsom not only continually attends continuing education for himself, but is an adjunct professor at numerous California colleges specializing in investigation and forensic science.
Dr. George F. Ripsom, DABFE
ACTAR# 227
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