George Ripsom & Associates
George Ripsom & Associates often provides a review of the original report(s), depositions and statements, as well as obtaining additional documents in reference to the case. The experts then review the needs of the case, in collaboration with the retained attorney. Vehicle and scene inspections are usually required to assess environmental, human, and mechanical factors; locate trace evidence, document damage and conditions, assess injury mechanisms and identify potential defects. Mathematical models are then created to determine speed, forces, time, distance and causation. The ability, or lack thereof, for avoidance of the event or injury is then evaluated. The client is completely involved through every facet of this process to aide in strategy.

At the conclusion of the reconstructive analysis, this information can be provided to one of our many associated biomechanical experts, engineering experts, medical experts or other specialist, as necessary. In the courtroom of today, with the advent of television programs like CSI, a case cannot be successfully determined without this kind of integrated approach.